10 Nov 2017 17:47 IST

BizWiz #42

  • 1. The Fenty range from Puma is in collaboration with which entertainer?

  • 2. Which legendary tycoon was known for his fierce temper and a big purple nose?

  • 3. Which famous European brand’s theme park is in Wattens, Austria?

  • 4. Identify this businesswoman.

  • 5. Pichon-kun is the mascot for which Japanese brand?

  • 6. ‘Flame’, authored by her daughter, is the biography of one of India’s most successful businesswoman. Name her.

  • 7. Vilfredo Pareto developed the famous eponymous Principle observing which garden produce?

  • 8. Which of these nations DOES NOT have US Dollars as its official currency?

  • 9. Tiffany has trademarked a particular shade of colour which also has its own Pantone number. Which colour is it?

  • 10. Who once came out with a smartphone brand ‘G'zOne Commando’?

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