24 Nov 2017 19:52 IST

BizWiz #43

  • 1. Which legend created the Rupa & Co. logo in exchange for some books?

  • 2. Which of these four financial institutions’ rating was NOT upgraded by Moody’s recently from Baa3 to Baa2?

  • 3. Identify this head honcho of a leading global brand

  • 4. Based on the known, original price paid for a painting, whose record did Da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ break recently?

  • 5. Because of demonetised notes clogging up its vaults, the RBI has cut the printing order for fiscal 2018 from 28 billion pieces to...?

  • 6. Name the smartphone brand launched by Flipkart recently.

  • 7. Who uses the trademarked tagline ‘Officially Amazing’?

  • 8. Name the two Asian nations in the MIST countries propounded by Goldman Sachs.

  • 9. Who, along with Titan’s Bhaskar Bhat, was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Tata Sons?

  • 10. Which is the single-largest index constituent (17.1%) in the new BHARAT-22 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

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