18 Dec 2017 15:15 IST

BizWiz #44

  • 1. Who did not figure in Forbes’s world’s ‘100 Greatest Living Business Minds’ that formed part of its centennial Issue in September 2017?

  • 2. Which company went to become a global leader because of, as the company insiders call it, the ‘Frankfurt Declaration of 1993’?

  • 3. The upcoming documentary ‘Tiger City’ is about the life of which architect?

  • 4. Name Uber’s American self-driving technology company.

  • 5. Which of these entities starting with ‘A’ is not a S&P BSE Sensex Index constituent?

  • 6. Which crooner is behind the L.A.M.B. clothing label?

  • 7. Identify this lady of Indian origin.

  • 8. In which movie does one come across the conglomerate ‘Buy n Large’?

  • 9. The multinational clothing-retail company H&M is from which European nation?

  • 10. Where can one see this as part of the corporate logo?

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