09 Mar 2018 20:13 IST

BizWiz #46

  • 1. Under what ticker symbol will music streaming service Spotify trade on NYSE?

  • 2. Which Oscar-winner is a joint owner of the production company Playtone?

  • 3. Name this CEO of a big European corporate.

  • 4. Which of these is NOT owned by Amazon?

  • 5. According to WSJ, which founder-CEO bought a six-bedroom, 10,923-square-foot penthouse in the One57 skyscraper on Manhatta’'s Billionaires Row for $100.47 million in 2014?

  • 6. In which European nation is the global financial messaging service SWIFT headquartered?

  • 7. Which is the world's No. 1 exchange in terms of listed companies?

  • 8. Which country is the top exporter of human or animal blood with a value in excess of $26 billion?

  • 9. According to rankings from Brand Finance’s Global 500 Report, which is the most valuable brand in Japan?

  • 10. Which country is the host to the 2018 SAARC Business Leaders’ Conclave?

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