03 Apr 2018 10:49 IST

BizWiz #48

  • 1. Which nation recently dethroned Saudi Arabia to become India’s top crude oil supplier in the current financial year?

  • 2. Which Premier League football team’s home stadium is called ‘American Express Community Stadium’?

  • 3. According to Forbes, which was the world’s top-selling ice cream brand of 2016?

  • 4. On which common wearable accessory would one find an ‘aglet’?

  • 5. Which Google offering has this logo?

  • 6. Puch, with which Hero once had a tie-up in India to make two-wheelers, is headquartered in which country?

  • 7. What is Tata Motor’s NYSE ticker symbol?

  • 8. Which famous founder of a corporate giant donated $400 million to Stanford University in 2016?

  • 9. With which brand is the name of Qimat Rai Gupta associated?

  • 10. In which south Indian city did Microsoft recently open its second-largest and sixth Garage facility across the world?

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