28 Oct 2018 18:33 IST

BizWiz #57

  • 1. According to a report by environmental group Greenpeace, which company was named the biggest producer of plastic trash?

  • 2. Which American varsity was recently named World’s Most Innovative University for the fourth consecutive year in Reuters’ ranking of World’s Most Innovative Universities?

  • 3. Where has India’s first cryptocurrency ATM been installed by virtual currency exchange Unocoin?

  • 4. Which sportsperson recently signed the largest contract in the history of sport worth at least $365m with streaming service DAZN?

  • 5. Identify this CEO

  • 6. With who has NITI Aayog signed a MoU to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to address challenges in agriculture and healthcare?

  • 7. In which European capital city is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations headquartered?

  • 8. Which Indian company’s philanthropic and CSR arm has launched the ‘Aarohan Social Innovation Awards’ to catalyse social innovation in the country?

  • 9. Which bank has introduced the country’s first 2 EMV chip debit-cum-credit card?

  • 10. Which actor has been signed as the brand ambassador for Tata Tigor?

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