13 May 2019 16:55 IST

BizWiz #62

  • 1. Name this Global Chief Commercial Officer of PepsiCo

  • 2. Whose growth investment fund is called CapitalG?

  • 3. How many Maharatna CPSEs are there at present?

  • 4. The Swami Vivekananda International Airport serves which Indian State capital?

  • 5. In 2000, Novartis and which other company combined their agrobusiness divisions to create a new company, Syngenta?

  • 6. Which of these countries does not have krone/krona or any variants mean ‘crown’ as its currency?

  • 7. To which entrepreneur was English actress Talulah Riley married twice?

  • 8. If one is flipping through the pages of the in-flight magazine ‘Bihanga’, in which airline is the person travelling?

  • 9. Funtouch OS is a fork of an Android OS developed by which smartphone maker?

  • 10. Which university administers the Pulitzer Prize (named after the media baron Joseph Pulitzer)?

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