02 May 2019 19:26 IST

BizWiz #65

  • 1. Which UNESCO World Heritage Site will feature on the new Rs 20 note?

  • 2. Which is the oldest operating airline?

  • 3. What was created by Josephine and Earle Dickson in 1920?

  • 4. Which popular Indian brand was started by Ravi Modi?

  • 5. Which American business legend is the subject of Ron Chernow’s biography ‘Titan’?

  • 6. In which country is the international engineering and service company KONE headquartered?

  • 7. Which online giant launched a magazine ‘Grow’ last year?

  • This is Pradeep Dadha. Which online pharmacy did he found?

  • 9. Name the production house owned by Priyanka Chopra.

  • 10. Grooming brand ‘House 99’ is the brainchild of…?

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