14 May 2019 18:31 IST

BizWiz #66

  • 1. Which Capital city has Facebook chosen to drive its global expansion of mobile payments on WhatsApp?

  • 2. Reliance Brands has acquired 100% stake in British toy major Hamleys Global Holdings Limited for $88.6 million. In which year was the company established?

  • 3. What is Microsoft’s new fully managed Blockchain Service called?

  • 4. Who asks one to ‘Experience our Expertise’?

  • As per the guidelines from the central government, which colour number plates should be used by all types of electric vehicles?

  • 6. Which of these World Cup winners has not featured in a Vimal apparel commercial?

  • 7. Which of these celebrities has not invested in Impossible Foods which develops plant-based substitutes for meat and dairy products?

  • 8. The logo of SoftBank resembles which mathematical sign/symbol?

  • 9. Thanks to a new deal, who has become the first woman of colour to lead an LVMH label?

  • 10. Name this CEO and his company.

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