05 Jun 2019 17:25 IST

BizWiz #67

  • 1. Liberty Shoes Ltd. had its genesis in 1954 from a business set up by which eminent Indian leader?

  • 2. Name this IIT-M alumnus who has been appointed the new CTO of Walmart.

  • 3. The Sensex closed for the first time over 40,000 points on June 3. In which year did it cross the 20,000 mark?

  • 4. Which of these is NOT a cryptocurrency exchange?

  • 5. In which audit firm’s London office did our new Finance Minister work for some time?

  • 6. According to Forbes, who recently became the first hip-hop artist to accumulate a fortune that conservatively totals $1 billion?

  • 7. Which of these is a Restaurant Brands International brand?

  • 8. According to the latest World Bank Global Economic Prospects report, what is the forecast of India's growth rate (in %) for the current financial year?

  • 9. Which India-born CEO is one of the two recipients of the prestigious Global Leadership Awards 2019 given by business advocacy group USIBC?

  • 10. With which equally famous automobile giant is Jaguar Land Rover planning to collaborate to develop electric vehicle technologies?

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