17 Jul 2019 14:03 IST

BizWiz #69

  • 1. Which travel services portal is partnering Archaeological Survey of India for online bookings for 116 historical monuments?

  • 2. Legendary codebreaker and computing pioneer Alan Turing will be the ‘face’ of which currency note?

  • 3. Name this lady who has been in the news recently.

  • 4. After eight decades, Volkswagen recently halted production of the last version of the iconic Beetle. In which country’s plant?

  • 5. Name the gap-toothed, grinning mascot of the satirical magazine MAD.

  • 6. Which Asian nation is the World’s No 2 consumer of single-use plastic packaging per person?

  • 7. In which Capital city is the HQ of Accenture?

  • The new laundry detergent brand from Future Group is called…?

  • 9. Which film star has started the theatre chain NY Cinemas?

  • 10. What type of creature is the protagonist of the proposed three-book series ‘The Gopi Diaries’ to be authored by Sudha Murty?

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