06 Nov 2019 13:32 IST

BizWiz #72

  • 1. Which of these India-born CEOs is the highest-ranked (6th) in Harvard Business Review’s ‘The Best-Performing CEO in the World, 2019’?

  • 2. Which famous Indian businessman is the co-author of ‘Bridgital Nation’ released by the PM recently?

  • 3. Apart from Hindustan Petroleum, which other PSU was granted the ‘Maharatna’ status at the end of October?

  • 4. Which of these was not one of the three Hassenfeld brothers who founded the toy giant Hasbro?

  • 5. NITI Aayog along with Institute for Competitiveness recently released the India Innovation Index (III) 2019. Which State tops the index?

  • 6. Which consulting firm has opened its first ever retail store, Modern Retail Collective, at the famous Mall of America in Minneapolis?

  • 7. Name this Indian businesswoman and the entity she heads.

  • 8. Which of these is NOT an Amazon brand?

  • 9. In which African country are you shopping if the local currency is Naira?

  • 10. Earlier this year, which online major launched an IIT JEE preparation app called JEE Ready?

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