20 Oct 2016 12:11 IST


  • 1. Whose logo is shown here?

  • 2. Which Telugu actor is a director and brand ambassador for the Hyderabad-based low-cost airline TruJet?

  • 3. The popular comic book character Suppandi features in an investor education initiative with which mutual fund?

  • 4. According to Forbes, which author minted the most, a whopping $95 million, between June 2015-June 2016?

  • 5. Whose private investment firm is called Catamaran Ventures?

  • 6. Which American team is the world’s most valuable with a valuation of $4000 million?

  • 7. In which German city is Daimler AG headquartered?

  • 8. Identify this businesswoman.

  • 9. The word tycoon has its origins in which language:

  • How many languages (mentioning the denomination) are featured in the panel which appear on the reverse of an Indian currency note?

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