20 Oct 2016 14:51 IST


  • 1. On a business visit, if you land in the Raja Bhoj International Airport, in which State capital are you in?

  • 2. Who is behind ‘Project Loon’ that aims at providing Internet access to rural and remote areas?

  • 3. Which bank’s logo is this?

  • 4. Lars Rebien Sorensen is the CEO of...?

  • 5. Which of these is not a Mondelez brand?

  • 6. Where does Bajaj make its three-wheelers?

  • 7. If it is 100 paisa for one rupee, which European currency is made up of 100 Qindarka?

  • 8. Which media baron is said to have inspired the critically acclaimed film ‘Citizen Kane’?

  • 10. Name this scion of a leading Indian business family.

  • 9. Name Hindustan Unilever Limited’s first e-commerce initiative.

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