27 Sep 2021 20:05 IST

Indra Nooyi on her MBA at Yale and studying abroad

An MBA from IIM Calcutta, Nooyi went on to earn another MBA from the Yale school of management in the US.

Indra Nooyi is the first woman of colour and an immigrant to head one of American’s iconic corporations, PepsiCo, a Fortune 50 company. As its Former Chairman and CEO. Nooyi's book My Life in Full: Work, Family, and our Future, published by Hachette India, is out now. In an interview preceding her book launch, Nooyi talks about her learnings at Yale and why the MBA curriculum needs change and also gives advice to young Indians seeking to go abroad to study.

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Interview: Vinay Kamath

Editing: Radhika SR

Editorial inputs: Akshaya Chandrasekaran

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Portraits by Dave Puente

Cover photo of the book by Annie Leibovitz