13 June 2019 11:47:51 IST

The flight of imagination has no limit, says Dr Mashelkar

The Padma Vibhusan and former CSIR head shares five mantras to lead a meaningful life

Every morning, when you get up, no matter what you have achieved, always say that the best is yet to come and maybe, today is the day,” Dr RA Mashelkar, eminent scientist, advised students who are entering the workforce. He was speaking to  BL on Campus  on the sidelines of the convocation of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

Perseverance, according to him, is of utmost importance. “You know, because people are used to instant coffee, they want instant success. That never works, as a matter of fact. So you should not give up. Quitters are not winners and winners are not quitters. So, perseverance is very important,” said Dr Mashelkar .