06 November 2022 15:21:06 IST

Shubho Sengupta is a digital marketer with an analogue ad agency past. He can be found at @shubhos, pontificating on food, fetishes and football

Advertising: Creative agency or corporate?

I have an MBA in media management and I am soon to graduate. I am faced with the dilemma of choosing between an agency and a corporate for brand marketing. I understand that it’s a personal decision, but is there something you can share with me that’ll help me make an informed decision? - Samyuktha

Look at it this way. A corporate brand makes the marketing decisions. And has the money to spend, to convert the marketing decisions into sales. An ad agency has the idea to execute marketing decisions successfully by spending money wisely. So, they are like a batsman and bowler in the same team, and both need each other to succeed. If you are the creative type, go for an agency. If you are the management type, go for the corporate job. But remember many switch over to the other side after a few years. All the best!