22 Dec 2020 17:26 IST

Why is a specialisation in AI and ML necessary for an MBA?

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming the staple of business innovation across industries. The manager of tomorrow needs to keep abreast of technological change to both adapt and exploit it. Can an engineering student do an MBA that encompasses specialisation in both AI and ML to be ready as the manager of tomorrow? — Ashwin

    With the upcoming ‘fourth industrial revolution’, premier B-schools are updating their course content to ensure students are ready for the changing landscape. All the top B-schools offer new-age concepts as part of the course structure. Business analytics and data mining are now part of most MBA programmes. Among the premier Bschools offering such specialised programmes are IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta (which offers a PGDBA, or postgraduate diploma in business analytics, programme along with IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata), and IISC Bangalore. These specialised MBA programmes are best suited for those interested in a career in this domain; others unsure of their career path should prefer a regular MBA programme.

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