03 July 2022 13:42:52 IST

Does data analytics require high competence in coding?

Does data analytics require high-level of coding? -Abhishek Chauhan

I interpret this question as: Does data analytics require high competence in coding? ‘High-level of coding’ may mean something entirely different.

Data analytics requires good experience with databases, coding, and statistics; a student should be comfortable with all these three areas at a basic level. Interestingly, the path to getting a job in data analytics starts with a coding challenge test for all respectable companies, hence students should be able to solve those problems which would typically involve data types, linked lists, stacks and queues, and sorting.

Secondly, to analyse data, a student should be well versed with SQL. Presentation of data in a visual analytics way would also require good background in scripting languages such as JavaScript.

However, in an Indian context, a student with a background in mathematics and statistics is not expected to have experience in coding/programming and for those cohorts, the evaluation for a job fitment is done through their competence in mathematics and statistics.

(The expert is Director of SP Jain School of Global Management’s Bachelor of Data Science programme.)