23 October 2022 11:22:01 IST

Gaining an edge as a CA

B eing a student from a commerce background, there is always a demand for additional skills one should have when it comes to getting a job. What additional skills should one learn along with the management course to be industry-ready in coming years? -  Nisha Juneja

The career opportunities and the need for contemporary additional skills are burning questions in the minds of anyone entering the corporate world. For any student, not just from a commerce background, it would be a good option to develop interpersonal skills, communication skills, business knowledge, and work etiquette along with a management course as these add value to your job prospects. Having proficiency in basic tools such as Excel, Word and other similar IT tools is a pre-requisite as well.

As far as professional opportunities go, there is huge growth potential, especially in India, with the evolution of new technologies. Risk management including insurance, especially digital, is going to be a good sector to be in. Growing income and increased potential for savings would also mean that personal investment advisors would be in good demand.

Both these sectors require indispensable analytical and statistical skills. There are part-time or certification courses on statistics offered by various institutions like — diploma in statistics offered by Indian Institute of Skill Development, and the online statistical course by Stanford. This is bound to come in useful and will be valued by the industry.  

(The experts are chartered accountants.)