11 Feb 2021 20:42 IST

Content creation tools that can up your digital marketing game

Applications that promote clean, error-free writing and help avoid plagiarism can take you a long way

Thanks to Covid-19, companies had to completely revamp their marketing strategies. During the pandemic, companies could truly harness the power of the internet to speak and engage with their audience. Digital agencies feel that with more companies trying to tap into digital, it’s important to create share-worthy, great content. Your content should not only increase traffic but also support your diverse audience through conversion funnels. Here is a curated list of some content marketing tools that every content marketer needs for creating great content.

It is important to remember that these are just some of the available tools, you can make use of trial packages and find out which tool works for your brand the best!

Hubspot blog topic creator

Even experienced and great content marketers face the writer’s block. Sometimes we just need a nudge to get the creative juices flowing. Hubspot’s blog topic generator is perfect for you to formulate topic ideas. You can enter three keywords or fewer and this generator will provide a list of subjects for you to write about. This epic content marketing tool points you to the perfect direction especially if you’re confused about which topic to go for. However, note that you might need to make some grammatical changes to the titles this generator comes up with.


Next up in the list is Grammarly. This is not just used for creating great content but even for emails and texts. You simply add the extension and Grammarly will proofread your content for you. It helps you check for typos, punctuation mistakes, and redundancy. You can also choose to go for a premium account as it has added benefits for word and phrasing suggestions. To err is human, and so run it through Grammarly to make sure there are no errors.


Ahrefs is truly an epic content marketing tool. It is widely loved by all content marketers and rightly so! It gives you insights which most tools still can’t accurately. Its filtering system is a delight and helps you retain valuable topics on your radar. You can even get a sneak peek on the competitor’s flagship content. It also provides content markets with difficulty level for keywords, how much traffic it can drive and how many backlinks it needs for it to rank on the first page of google. Isn’t that convenient?


This trusty epic content marketing tool can help you check if your text is similar to other pages for you to avoid plagiarism. It lets you upload documents or can run through a URL and produce content which seems similar to yours in seconds. This is particularly useful for people who work on pillar pages which need extensive research and may require several sources.


Any great content writer knows that it’s not enough if you just produce content but also follow up on it. Google search console is one such tool that can help you understand why your content is doing/not doing well. It fetches detailed analytics on the frequency and duration of your traffic. Analytics help you find bounce rates, organic traffic, and top-performing content. Search Console can help you understand your page’s performance and see what keywords its ranking for, what people are searching for. This helps you better understand what efforts your content requires to perform well.

These are some of the content marketing tools that a content writer can use to create great content. It is of vital importance to update yourself on the various tools available and stay on-trend. These tools may get outdated, so keep doing your research. A great content writer also follows up on their content, so make sure you also invest in tools that help you analyse your content and suggest improvements.