12 Oct 2021 18:23 IST

A framework for leaders facing ethical dilemmas at work

Strengthen your ability to confront morally questionable acts or wrongdoings by bringing in allies.

When tackling a morally conflicting problem, it’s common to see managers face immense pressure from their superiors and peers to “go along with it” even if they disagree. Research on ethical conflicts shows that many corrupt organisations flourished only because of numerous instances of ordinary employees who swept up wrongdoings by peers and bosses without standing up for what’s right.

Here are three action steps for confronting a real-life moral problem:

Power of two: People often find strength by conferring with allies. Another voice speaking truth will provide the confidence boost you need to assert your point of view and help you feel less isolated in your position.

Standing up: Having supportive peers at your side can empower you to act on your values more quickly and decisively. It will help even more, if you’re a non-confrontational, risk-averse personality type.

Third-person perspective: The power of two extends to people outside of your workplace bubble as well. People who can point out how far you have strayed from your ethical commitments and hold you accountable before it is too late.

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