25 Feb 2021 00:50 IST

AR-based app to discover extinct species

New David Attenborough-fronted app aims to use AR to turn home environment into a prehistoric history lesson

The app Museul Alive, available on iOS only so far, is an extension of Attenborough’s 2014 documentary Natural History Museum Alive, which saw the legendary naturalist walking through the London museum while CGI skeletons sprang to life around him. The app follows in this tradition on a smaller scale, using animated 3D models to conjure up miniature habitats that can be viewed through your smartphone's camera.

The current version of the app allows users to discover three different extinct species. In terms of usability, the app is fittingly set-up like a miniature museum, allowing users to side swipe between different species before picking one to learn more about. Once you've made your selection, you jump into AR mode, with the app inviting you to aim your phone's camera at a flat surface that's then transformed into the relevant habitat. Read the complete story here.