27 Jul 2020 21:19 IST

How to brainstorm remotely?

It is difficult to think out of the Zoom box and collaborate, but it’s a key skill to possess

Since many of us are working from home because of Covid-19, brainstorming can get difficult. Not being in the same room together but still generating ideas collaboratively can be quite the challenge. Every organisation is facing a great amount of uncertainty, so it’s crucial to get the brainstorming right, whether you’re online or offline. It’s highly likely that the lessons we learn from generating ideas collaboratively and remotely will serve us well when we resume our normal lives post-Covid, too.

Thankfully, there are several ways to approach this problem.

Begin your process by having each team member present their individual ideas. This way you can ensure that everyone has had a chance to engage with the problem first and all the possible solutions are laid out. The key is to avoid having the whole group start throwing ideas at one another without hearing everyone out. Read more in the Harvard Business Review article “How to brainstorm remotely,” which explains how this can be done.