23 Apr 2021 16:53 IST

Coping with Zoom fatigue

Constant videoconferencing erases the boundaries between work and home life

The Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser has banned internal Zoom meetings on Fridays in an effort to combat Zoom fatigue. Video calls have become imperative to maintain communication during the pandemic. But many companies are dealing with the unintended consequence of Zoom fatigue, which scientists define as the taxing effect that constant video meetings have on the body and the brain.






According to some studies, the core predicament in Zoom calls is the trade-off between risk and reward. Unlike, in-person social interactions that boost alertness and have rewards associated with it, virtual interactions require greater cognitive and physical effort, leading to stress. Especially with the existence of workplace hierarchy, where managers talk and employees have to passively listen through a long call — most people switch off.

Companies may experience a false sense of worker satisfaction during the pandemic because fewer employees are leaving their positions. But that is going to change as soon as all this is over. Firms need to be careful not to lose their high-talent, high-value employees. The post-pandemic workplaces need to be hybrid. It must offer flexibility that WFH does and the connection that working in the same physical environment gives. Read the complete story here.