20 Jul 2021 19:36 IST

Lessons in innovation from musical minds

Business leaders can learn building collaboration and ego-less experimentation from creative artists

Panos Panay, incoming co-president of the Recording Academy, which presents the Grammys, and R Michael Hendrix, partner at the innovation consultancy IDEO, are the authors of Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation. The book explores strategies long used by musicians and creative artists that can be applied directly to business.

Power of listening: Musicians consciously make time to listen and observe the world around them. In the business world, there is a lack of intentional listening to the external environment, be it employees or customers. Paying attention and slowing down in a fast-paced world and absorbing information consciously is extremely important.

Snowball method: People worry about criticism way too much. Musicians, on the other hand, are always daring greatly. They share their rawest, uncensored musical ideas with other collaborators and artists. To be vulnerable enough to experiment no matter the outcome often leads to breakthroughs. This is something start-ups can imbibe.

Collaboration: Musicians know how to pull really great talent together to execute their vision for a song. Investing in building the right team can help you get the outcomes you were hoping for.

Dynamism: Artists are always responding to their environments, constantly changing and evolving. Often times, organisations get hung up on brand identities that they lose their purpose. Do not confuse product and purpose.

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