24 Jul 2015 19:48 IST

NUS and Georgia Institute of Technology launch Centre for Next Generation Logistics

Centre to identify industries that can bring sustained and high growth to Singapore’s economy

The Faculty of Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS Engineering), in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), has launched the Centre for Next Generation Logistics.

The virtual Centre will work closely with government agencies and the industry to perform cutting-edge research in logistics and supply chain systems for translation into innovations and commercialisation to achieve transformative economic and societal impact.

The Centre will help to identify the potential and existing industries that can bring sustained and high growth to Singapore’s economy, as well as to develop innovative logistics and supply chain concepts and infrastructure that will strategically support the activities of these industries.

The Centre will receive $1.2 million in seed funding from NUS Engineering and Georgia Tech over a two-year period, and it expects to grow from the current staff strength of five full-time researchers to 25 by 2018. The Centre aims to secure additional research funding by actively collaborating with government agencies and industry partners.

The Centre’s research will focus on two areas: pre-competitive, mission-focused knowledge discovery such as models for evaluating the value of information in supply chains; and company-specific research for enhanced competitiveness.

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