21 December 2016 14:49:29 IST

Realising gender equality’s $12-trillion economic opportunity

Reducing the gap in labour-force participation rates could significantly expand the global economy by 2025

McKinsey Global Institute's 2015 report "The power of parity: How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth" focuses on the enormous potential associated with shrinking the gender gap.

The study found that if every country advanced gender parity, and simultaneously upped Investment in access to essential services, at the same rate as the fastest-improving country in its regional peer group, the world could add $12 trillion to annual gross domestic product by 2025. That number is some 11 per cent higher than it would be under the business-as-usual scenario.

So, what will it actually take to turn this potential into reality? McKinsey's new discussion paper, "Delivering the power of parity: Toward a more gender-equal society" draws up an agenda for action and investment, quantifying the progress needed on 15 gender-inequality indicators. Read the full report here .