12 Nov 2020 20:40 IST

Staying focussed while ‘multi-teaming’ at workplaces

Marvin Meyer | Unsplash

Moving between teams and juggling different roles is the reality in many of today’s workplaces

It’s important to carefully plan and negotiate your contribution on each team and manage your time well to stay focussed on what’s most important. Deploying your expertise exactly where and when it’s most needed and sharing knowledge across groups could improve productivity overall. The reality, though, as per research, is a lot more complicated. Although there a number of upsides to ‘multi-teaming,’ switching attention between tasks takes time and saps your focus and energy. Few simple rules that could help up-front planning include:

1) Prioritising and sequencing your work

2) Sequencing strategically

3) Setting and communicating expectations

4) Documenting progress

5) Optimising your development

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