09 Oct 2019 17:10 IST

To prepare for automation, stay curious

Empathy is notably an area where AI is lacking, which is why we will always need human workers

For the American workforce to thrive throughout the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there are some key things that need to happen. The US will need to invest in new avenues of education and adopt a commitment to approaching education flexibly. As a country, we’ll need to embrace a culture of continuous and life-long learning. And executives will need to be better about “walking the walk” when it comes to reskilling existing employees whose current roles are destined to change. Education, from traditional four-year colleges, to technical trainings, to reskilling, will need to be as fluid as the roles students are preparing for. Executives will need to continue to have important conversations about the various ways to educate the workforce, including establishing opportunities for vocational training and prioritising reskilling initiatives built on a genuine culture of curiosity. And American workers will need to take the initiative to teach themselves about the technologies that will continue to define the future of work. Read the full article.