30 Mar 2021 22:30 IST

Ways to lead your team through a transition

Providing the necessary grounding during uncertainty is crucial for employees over another bumpy year

As organisations around the globe are bringing about major changes to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, leaders play an important role in ensuring a smooth transition, one that is still incredibly uncertain and has undefined boundaries. The seminal work of D W Winnicott in developmental psychology offers a way to help us make it to the other side: through transitional objects.

These objects — whether a physical item like a security blanket or something more abstract like a routine, habit, or action — can support us the right way. Leaders can deliberately identify and integrate transitional objects — choice, a connection to a purpose, and using something new as a bridge toward where you’re headed.

Choice: Our brains are malleable and have the ability to re-configure itself while processing change. But, letting go and embracing new ones may not always be easy. Research shows that change is more palatable if people feel like they’re an active part of making decisions, small or big, throughout it. This gives employees a sense of autonomy and a clear role amidst a big change.

Connection: A connection to a shared can allow people to focus on the big picture rather than the momentary pain of transition and uncertainty.

Bridge: Establish bridges between where you are and where you’re headed by embracing new technology and innovation. Resisting change and sticking to the old ways only makes the process of change harder for your employees.

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