23 November 2020 14:25:21 IST

Hiring for freshers improving in the IT sector: Board Infinity survey

Increased recruitment of freshers in the data science domain without any pre-requisites

According to a survey conducted by Board Infinity, a career exploration platform, the overall hiring trend looks positive with many markets opening up including transport, logistics, banking, and the domestic travel industry. The main reason behind it is the gradual opening up of local markets in various states across India and the ease of lockdown restrictions on movement. The Q2 hiring survey was conducted among 500 companies including IT, travel, logistics, infrastructure, real estate, e-commerce sectors, and others.

Focus is on hiring freshers

Some large companies are doing away with the college degree as a minimum requirement, although the number is still low. Software company Infozzle and other start-ups in the IT industry are some of them who have led the way for a change.




Another trend observed was the increased hiring of freshers in the data science domain. There has been an increase in jobs such as data analyst (35 per cent), business analyst (28 per cent), followed by data engineer (15 per cent), and data scientist (20 per cent). Companies such as AON and Anakin tech have opened up numerous openings for freshers with advanced SQL and Python skill sets.

New jobs made available

According to Sumesh Nair, Co-founder of Board Infinity, “With the Indian economy gradually opening up, we have seen a change in the hiring trend across sectors. There has been a recovery and a positive hiring intent throughout.”

E-learning and pharmaceutical sectors have maintained their momentum in hiring since the Covid-19 outbreak and continue to drivers of growth for the economy as leaders in the market. These two sectors combined have contributed to 68 per cent of the jobs in the market in the Q1 and Q2 of the Indian economy.




The brick and mortar businesses such as local shops and groceries have seen a phenomenal increase in the jobs available for low-income groups in digital marketing roles. This rise has been due to the rise of home delivery which has created multiple jobs for people who were recently laid off due to Covid-19.