1. Leadership activities: Holding a position of responsibility shows that you are respected by your classmates and teachers. For example, a student council member, house captain, class prefect, and so on. The skills gained include time and people management, planning and execution, communication, strategic thinking, persuasion, and influence. 
  2. Sports: Excelling at a sport, whether team or individual, requires significant efforts, dedication, and commitment. Any sport played over a considerable amount of time will definitely help in differentiating your profile. For example, a black belt in Karate, part of the school basketball team, and a podium finish at national level tournaments. Some of the skills gained include teamwork, resilience, accountability, time management, pressure handling, and communication.
  3. Fine arts: Preference is given to students with in-depth experience in poetry, music, drawing, photography, classical dance, drama, or any other form of fine art. You may showcase your talent by submitting your portfolio. For example, editor of the school magazine, bachelor’s degree in Kathak, diploma in Carnatic music, theory of music (Solfege), guitarist in school band, vocalist in school choir, and so on. The skills gained are creativity, perseverance, ability to self-reflect, on-stage confidence, and listening skills.  
  4. Competitions and conferences: Participating in debates, technical competitions, coding contests, programming events helps students to explore their potential to the fullest. Competitions prepare students to win (or lose) gracefully and develop a sense of self-esteem. Some examples are Model United Nations, hackathons, robo wars, app designing contests, and university aptitude tests. The skills gained are public speaking, team spirit, analytical thinking, and problem-solving.
  5. Community service: Universities are looking for students with a vision to help others and work towards the betterment of mother Earth. Examples for such activities are volunteering for NGO, starting a community outreach club in school, tutoring children for free, beach or river cleaning drives, conducting donation camps, recycling plastic. The skills gained through such activities are empathy, conflict resolution, cooperation, adaptability, emotional intelligence.
  6. Co-curricular activities: Regular participation in co-curricular activities portrays your passion for your favourite subject and your willingness to dig deeper into your area of interest. National-level Olympiads, project presentations, webinars or workshops conducted by eminent faculty members, and college level research programmes are some of the examples. The skills gained are logical reasoning, research, literature survey, presentation, time management, and data analysis.
  7. Hobbies: Any hobby or interest pursued for a substantial period can be counted as an extracurricular activity and should get mentioned in the application. The examples are proficiency in a foreign language, hiking enthusiast, avid reader, vlog creator, food blogger, horse riding, gardening, and so on. Skills gained through maintaining a hobby include personal growth, stressbuster, creativity, problem-solving, mental or physical strength.