19 Jun 2019 18:13 IST

‘Back to school’ initiative for senior alumni at IIM-B

The initiative is being rolled out to those who have graduated at least 10 years back

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM-B) has announced the launch of a new initiative — ‘Back to School’ — to fulfil the continuous learning requirements of senior alumni.

This initiative is in line with the efforts of the B-school to strengthen the connection between degree/diploma granting programme alumni, including Executive Post-graduate Programme in Management (EPGP), Fellow Programme in Management (FPM), Post-graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM)/ Post-graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM), Post-graduate Programme in Management (PGP), and Post-graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management (PGPPM), and the institute.

Prof G Raghuram, Director, IIM-B, said “IIM-B has been committed to the continuous learning objectives of working professionals for many years. This initiative provides an opportunity to our older alumni to get to speed on the latest trends in management thought and action.”

The ‘Back to school’ initiative is being rolled out to those who have graduated at least 10 years back.

Personal and professional growth

IIM-B offers a variety of programmes through the Executive Education Programme (EEP) department for management professionals every year. A limited number of seats are reserved for alumni in these programmes, that would be offered at a special price of 50 per cent of the regular programme pricing. This will be offered to all programmes starting July.

Prof K Kumar, Dean, Alumni relations and Development, said, “IIM-B recognises the importance of adding value to the personal and professional growth of our alumni. Our alumni are our assets and ambassadors, and our relationship with them goes beyond the time they spent on campus. This is our way of giving back.”

The applications would be curated for the suitability to the programme and an application would not imply an automatic admission to the programme.