11 Nov 2019 15:53 IST

Big data is used as mass marketing, Kushal Sanghvi at IIM Ranchi

The business head of Reliance Entertainment and Digital was speaking at industry-connect series Samagam

Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, conducted the first day of the first edition of the leadership talk and industry-connect series ‘Samagam 1.0: Tryst with the Business Leaders’. The inaugural event aims at connecting the budding minds with stalwarts from the industry.

Dr Kushal Sanghvi, Business Head, Reliance Entertainment and Digital, led a detailed discussion on how big data is being used as a weapon of mass marketing by organisations and how future marketers can use very trivial things such as social media apps and innovate to carve a niche in the highly competitive market.

The digital channel of marketing as the new big thing was a key point well-driven. Real life examples and impromptu cases and situations were brainstormed upon, during the session.