04 Feb 2019 18:44 IST

CHRYSALIS 2019 inaugurated at LIBA

The two-day management event served as a platform for the participants to showcase their skills

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) inaugurated CHRYSALIS 2019, an annual flagship event of LIBA, recently. The two-day management event was inaugurated by V Balakrishnan, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police and Amardeep Devadason, Senior Vice President, Operations, Global Outsourcing, RRD, along with Fr P Christie SJ, Director, LIBA, in the presence of faculty members, participants and students of LIBA. The inter B-school management fest, based on the theme ‘An era of disruption’, provides a platform for the participants to explore and implement disruptive business strategies.

Addressing the students, V Balakrishnan said “Disruption, an ideal topic for this era, has been happening from the beginning of time. It has covered all spheres, be it literature, science or philosophy. Technology is draining, disrupting minds to come out with new innovations. Innovations are limited with time and space whereas disruptions happen at larger scale in time, space and other dimensions. The society moves forward with product, process, and personality-oriented disruption. Disruption is going to be the seed of development for the future and I urge you to be a disruptor with good ethics.”

Addressing the gathering, Amardeep Devadason added, “Disruption is real, changing and continuous; one must adapt and embrace disruption. To be successful, one must manage the present, selectively forget the past, and imagine the future. My advice to the students is to challenge the status quo, bring value to yourself and the work place, find yourself a good mentor and, lastly, keep learning while challenging yourself.”

CHRYSALIS served as a platform for the participants to showcase their flair for managerial and extra-curricular activities through events such as Fitzest, Markthon, Best Manager, Blitzkrieg, Debaniaque, Exquitzite, Crime Scene Investigation, FIFA and other trending events.