29 June 2022 12:41:38 IST

IIM Indore team wins IMA Student Case Competition

IIM Indore students Aveek Choudhury, Ishan Anshul, Prikshit Saini, Rishu Raj, and Samriddhi Choudhury won the finals competing with over 105 universities from India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, for IMA Student Case Competition.

Prof Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, congratulated them for their outstanding achievement, and said, “I heartily congratulate the winning team on this occasion. IIM Indore always encourages opportunities for them to do whatever they wish to achieve. The team has made us proud.”

The members of the team noted that throughout the competition, they were in different cities as they had their internships. Aveek was in Guwahati, Ishan in Patna, and Prikshit, Rishu, and Samriddhi were in Chandigarh, Agra, and Delhi, respectively. The team prepared for and won all the previous rounds in online mode.

India was divided into three regions, and two teams were short-listed from every region. These six teams competed in the semi-finals, the national round, and the IIM Indore team won the nationals. After that, the team represented India in the finals in Dubai.

The case was based on Singapore-based indoor sports and recreational facility named Cage. The case revolved around improving the efficiency and profitability of the venture. Cage faced issues like low female participation, low retention rates, and inefficient capacity utilisation at specific locations.

“We based our solution on digitisation, marketing campaigns to target female customers, and developing loyalty programs. The solutions were backed by robust cost accounting, financial accounting, and time value of money analysis. We also looked at developing incentive programs for the General Managers to incentivise them to perform better”, said the team.