07 May 2020 17:21 IST

IIM-K announces CAT 2019 final results May 8 onwards

Increase in female-male ratio in the number of appeared candidates, as compared to CAT 2018

The organising IIM for CAT 2019, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, has successfully completed the process for the largest MBA entrance exam of India to the most sought after B-Schools in the country.

CAT 2019 also recorded the highest number of CAT registrations in the last 10 years with 244,190 candidates registering for the online exam. Out of this, 209,926 candidates successfully appeared for CAT 2019, which was conducted at 376 test centres spread across 156 cities in India on November 24, 2019, according a press release from IIM-K.

Again, CAT 2019 clocked the highest number of CAT test takers in the last 10 years. Despite having recorded the highest number of test takers of the decade, IIM observers and TCS, the CAT service provider, considered CAT 2019 to be one of the smoothest CAT examinations of the recent past. The results for the first phase of the exam were announced on January 04, 2020.

Announcing the successful completion of the conduct of CAT 2019, Prof Debashis Chatterjee, Director IIM Kozhikode, said “CAT 2019 was not only a challenge in terms of the sheer intensity of record applicants but also due to the emerging threat of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic across the globe during the concluding phase of the exam. However, this proved to be a surmountable hindrance as IIM-K and other IIMs were able to complete the process by quickly adapting to the needs with the aid of technology and virtual personal interviews. I am delighted that this year we saw a more diverse gender ratio among CAT aspirants.”

He added that the Institute will now hand over the responsibilities for CAT 2020 to the next organiser IIM.

The Cat 2019 Convener, Prof. Shubhasis Dey, also shared that the CAT 2019 saw an increase in Female-Male ratio at 35.73 per cent, in the number of appeared candidates, as compared to 35.02 per cent in CAT 2018.