20 Sep 2020 20:08 IST

IIM Trichy inaugurates ninth PGPM batch

In a batch of 50 students, the average work experience is 8.5 years

Indian Institute of Management ,Tiruchirappalli (IIMTrichy), inaugurated its ninth batch of Post Graduate Programme in Business Management. Ganesh Mani S, Director – Production, Hyundai Motor India, was the chief guest of the virtual inauguration of the programme.

The event began with an invocation and the lighting of the lamp, followed by a welcome address by Dr. Deepak Srivastava, Dean -Academics, and programme overview by Prof Karthik Dhandapani, Chairperson, PGPBM. Lakshmi Priya, Manager, Rane Madras, and an alumnus of PGPBM 2014-17 batch, IIM Trichy, addressed the students. She congratulated the incoming batch for making it to IIM Trichy and guided them through the key essentials which lead her to successfully complete the programme. She emphasised open-mindedness, sincerity and dedication, taking the employer, spouse and family members into confidence and managing work-life balance. She gave examples of how she applied learnings from the programme in her workplace. She also spoke about the pedagogy, rigour, and dedicated faculty present at IIM Trichy.

Dr Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Trichyin his address congratulated the students on their achievement of joining IIM Trichy. With a batch size of 50 and average work experience of 8.5 years, he compared this batch to other international executive programmes.

Chief Guest Ganesh Mani spoke about the challenges created by Covid-19 and the need to create the inflection points in their career. “The MBA gives a wider view of the business and economic environment. In addition to teaching what is to be done, it also teaches what path should be avoided,” he said. He also claimed that participants can use the executive MBA as an opportunity to develop an all-round personality.

The Chairperson, PGPBM announced the term-wise merit awards for best academic performance in the fourth term of the PGPBM 2018-20 batch to Arasuprakash S, and fifth term of the PGPBM 2018-20 batch to Mahesh Sundar N. Merit awards for the first year of the PGPBM 2019-21 batch were also announced. Ram Selvan V for the first term, Godse Rujul Mohan, K Srividya, and Vatsavi S for the term two, and N Nanda Kishore for term three.

The Director’s merit awards to top five per cent of the students in an entire batch of PGPBM 20118-20 identified based on their academic performance during the first year was given to Kamalaganesh T, Arasuprakash S, Balagee Ramiah, Tusar Kanti Giri, Mahesh Sundar N, Nibedita Shome, and Rajesh R.

The awardees for best industry project awards were S Sundarakamatchi, Rajarajan V V, and Neha Viya Arora.