13 Jul 2020 18:48 IST

IIM Udaipur flags off learning programe for incoming batch

Unnati 2020 is a three-week session which includes webinars, discussions and interactive sessions

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur kickstarted its three-week engagement and learning program 'Unnati 2020' last Thursday for the newly-enrolled 2020-2022 batch. The programe aims to provide opportunities to the incoming batch to reflect on their personal journeys as they get ready to join IIM Udaipur, says a press release from the B-school.

It also gives an opportunity to the students to interact with different stakeholders of the Institute, including IIM Udaipur's Director, Board of Governors, faculty, students and alumni.

Life lessons

Shiv Shivakumar (Board Member, IIMU), Group Executive President - Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Aditya Birla Group, inaugurated Unnati 2020 and addressed the incoming students through a webinar. He spoke to them about the challenges they will face given the ongoing pandemic, and how to prepare for the same. Sharing his own life lessons, he explained to the students the way to approach each aspect as management graduates and make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. The session ended with him explaining the role of students in the growth of any institute, and how as members of the IIMU community, they too will contribute towards IIMU's growth in the coming years.

Learning in the new normal has urged B-schools to come up with novel ways of engagement and learning. This programme of IIMU is divided into four parts spanning across the month. The focus of the programme is on reflection to help students' understand their strengths better, work on their communication skills as well as interact with different stakeholders of IIMU via webinars, interactive sessions, and engaging activities.


Visioning exercise

Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur wrote in his welcome letter to the class of 2022, "The Institute recently conducted an expansive visioning exercise led by IIMU's Board, and we are confident that with support from all our stakeholders, among whom you are now an invaluable part, IIM Udaipur will undoubtedly be able to make our mark on the global landscape by 2030. We hope that this engagement programme will lay a solid foundation for this process of reflection that must be part of your entire time at IIM Udaipur."

He further entrusted the value of a strong moral compass for managers and urged the students to be role models of integrity in everything they do.

Other sessions in the Unnati 2020 programme are webinars with industry leaders to understand current industry challenges and strategies and interaction with IIMU alumni to gain career perspectives in different industries.