01 Mar 2018 18:51 IST

'In marketing, digital is a great opportunity, but also a great challenge’

Dr Siddharth Shekhar Singh, Associate Dean at ISB talks about the impact of digital on marketing

It is a commonly known fact that digital has changed marketing in a huge way. According to Dr Siddharth Shekhar Singh, the Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Marketing at the Indian School of Business, it helps in, “Communication, harnessing data and using it to accurately figure out customer behaviour, and promoting new products.”

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any challenges that digital brings to marketing. “The challenge of digital is that we are now moving into a world of nanoseconds. And with social media, you see a very clear shift of power from the company to the consumers.”

While the fundamental principle of marketing will remain the same, how a company creates value will keep changing. Watch the video for the full interview, in which he talks about how the emergence of digital space has affected not just marketing discipline, but also the pedagogy, about the challenges it presents to the marketers, whether the principles of marketing change with digital paradigm and more.