27 Oct 2020 20:31 IST

ISBF launches economics, management, and finance club for school students

It will provide an early exposure to students in careers such as investment banking, and actuarial science

Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF), New Delhi, held a virtual inaugural ceremony for its Economics, Management and Finance (EMF) Club at a school level, an initiative to provide students with a platform to learn more about higher studies and careers in the inter-related EMF fields.

The club has been established in partnership with Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore, in a virtual inauguration ceremony that was attended by more than 350 students from classes 10, 11 and 12, along with senior members of both institutions. The session started with an inaugural address by Aryapriya Ganguly, Associate Professor at ISBF, who, along with Chiraag Mehta, Associate Director at ISBF, briefed students about the growing relevance of EMF in the world of work and the benefits they can reap from the club.

Ganguly spoke about how the EMF Club will help further the vision laid down by National Education Policy 2020 of bringing inter-disciplinarity in the academic structure of high school and higher education in India. “Interdisciplinary approaches in the social sciences are better geared to address contemporary conditions existing within nation-states, constituting a very important global developmental imperative,” Ganguly said.

On the role of the EMF Club, Mehta said “Being driven by YBPS and mentored by ISBF, which receives academic direction from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Club will help create problem-solvers of tomorrow in the EMF domain. It will do so by providing early exposure to high school students to careers like investment banking, actuarial science, policy-making, data science and entrepreneurship, through guest lectures, talks by industry leaders, experiential learning workshops, research and internship opportunities and much more.”


Ms. Manjula Pradeep, who is a faculty member at Yuvabharathi Public School,added, “While the government is pushing to make India a self-reliant nation, the EMF Club will help contribute towards this goal.” The ceremony concluded with the addresses of the three founding student members of the club, who briefly outlined their vision and plans for the club, motivating several among the audience to join and benefit from its unique programme.