24 Jul 2020 18:33 IST

JKBS webinar explores career opportunities in digital marketing

Every medium becomes quantifiable in digital marketing, says marketing head of BMJ

In a webinar organised by JK Business School (JKBS), “Students with a deep understanding of the digital marketing world and the future of trends have several career opportunities available in the future as well as beyond,” said Sumedha Chatterjee, Head of Marketing, British Medical Journal, who spoke to the newest batch of PGDM. As the students start their journey in management education, the ‘Foundation Program Special e-Leadership Talk’ was organised to explore and understand, different marketing strategies, post Covid-19.

While interacting with the students, Sumedha Chatterjee, said, “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all the online marketing efforts, from your website to your online assets. From the last three to four months, no one has stepped out of their homes and spend most of their time on mobile and laptop screens. This has posed an amazing opportunity to try and reach your target group with better products at different price points through digital media marketing.”

Boon for entrepreneurs

According to her, digital marketing has its own set of benefits. The marketers can analyse various metrics, such as, eyeballs reach, engagement time, and so on, which is not generally possible in print media. For example, in email marketing, one can track the email, check whether it has been opened or not, making almost every single medium quantifiable. Digital marketing is a boon for entrepreneurs, as they can create an email marketing structure and send emails three times a week to increase the conversion rate. Creating different landing pages for different target markets can also be tested to make the outreach more personal.

“It was such an interactive and informative session for all the students as well as us faculty members. We at JKBS have always stressed the importance of learning new trends and technology to cope with the changing times and trends. Digital marketing is a vast area of knowledge and the number of opportunities available is extraordinary,” said Prof Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JKBS.