24 Apr 2020 22:22 IST

Learning about ikigai at JK Business School

Students get a glimpse of ancient Japanese wisdom of self- discovery through webinar by Rajiv Bajaj

The students at JK Business School learn about ‘IKIGAI’, the ancient Japanese wisdom of self discovery in an exclusive webinar by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Chairman and MD Bajaj Capital Ltd.

JK Business School in collaboration with the JK Group organized a webinar on “Ikigai - the ancient Japanese wisdom of self discovery’. Rajiv Bajaj, Chairman and MD, Bajaj Capital Ltd., shared this concept with the students at JKBS. Speaking about this beautiful concept he outlined that in ‘Ikigai’, ‘Iki’ stands for 'Life' and ‘gai’ for 'flow'.

Despite all the success achieved in his professional journey, he had set on a quest to find his purpose in life and that’s how he discovered his love for the Japanese concept of healthy living known as Ikigai. He said, “Ikigai is an intersection of what you love, are good at, what the world needs and what one can get paid for doing something. It helps in self-realisation, motivation, a sense of existence and a sense of control. It will help students find out how they can get success in their jobs, be satisfied at their work and also contribute in their organisation's growth.”

Commenting on how the industry would change after the pandemic he said, “Post Covid19 the market scenario is going to change a lot, finding a job will not be easy. The employers will set out on a path for more quality hiring. The attitude that you show in the interview and what additional value will you bring into the organisation, your dedication, passion, and love for your job will make you stand out.”

Abhishek Singhania, Chairman, Board of Governors, JK Business School, moderated the discussion and highlighted the importance of introspection in these difficult times. The webinar aimed at helping students find their passion and achieve extraordinary results through ikigai, and it and was attended by more than 180 students along with faculty members and industry patrons.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjiv Marwah, Director JKBS, said, “It was a refreshingly thought-provoking session. The message is loud and clear. If you love your job then that’s perfect; but if you don't then find what you love and are passionate about, differentiate between what you like and dislike, and move towards what calls to your passion; this can be done through ikigai.”