17 Jan 2018 17:11 IST

LIBA placement sees first-time offers from analytics sector

Offers from manufacturing sector and retail industry saw an increase

Loyola Institute of Business Administration’s (LIBA) placement activities started in September 2017.

Summer placement

The summer placement process was held from September 18 to 22, with 30 companies participating, including GEP Consultants, Asian paints, Nestle, Damco, Muthoot Fincorp, HDFC bank, The Hindu, JLL, Sundaram Finance and TVS, among others. The average stipend witnessed a 10 per cent jump from the previous year.

Summer internship stipend

~ Average — ₹15,000 Per Month

~ Highest — ₹50,000 Per Month


Preplacement offers came in from JP Morgan, Crisil, Nestle, Muthoot Fincorp and TVS & Sons.

Final placement

Final placement was planned in two phases. The first phase was from November 23 to 30, 2017. More than 40 companies who participated in this phase, were invited to the campus. They shared the role requirement and career growth path for the students.

This ensured that only interested students participated in the selection process.

As many as 85 per cent of the students were placed in the first phase. The average salary was 12 per cent higher than the previous year’s. Besides regular recruiters, Citi Corp, Airtel, Walmart, Bank Of America-Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Amazon Kindle and a few other companies were added to their list of recruiters.

The second phase of placement season is ongoing and is for those who returned from a foreign exchange programme recently, could not participate in the first phase due to personal reasons or who wanted a different role or location than what was being offered.

Final Placement (CTC)

~ Average — ₹10 lakh per annum

~ Highest — ₹17.5 lakh per annum



Salient features

Here are the salient features of the 2017-18 placements:

~ More MNCs such as GEP Consultants, HSBC, Nestle, Walmart and CITI Bank participated.

~ The number of offers coming in from sectors such as analytics, ecommerce, manufacturing and retail has gone up.

~ There have been first time offers from analytics (3 per cent) and ecommerce (5 per cent) sectors.

~ Offers from manufacturing sector rose from 4 per cent the previous year to 16 per cent in the current year.

~ Offers from retail industry saw an increase of 7 per cent.


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