18 Feb 2020 18:01 IST

Management education must ensure lifelong learning, says Eric Cornuel

The EFMD Director-General was addressing a conclave at IFIM Business School via video-conferencing

With the jobs market in transition and the gig economy booming, the best chance of workers succeeding is for them to have an education throughout their entire working life. “Lifelong learning is important for the next generation,” said Dr Eric Cornuel, Director-General, European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD), through videoconferencing at the inaugural session of a conclave on learning ecosystems to commemorate IFIM Business School’s 25th year. The conclave was held in Bengaluru.

Dr Eric Cornuel


He questioned whether traditional education and training models by business schools and corporate universities will help workers remain employable and relevant. “Even if automation does not displace millions of jobs, career patterns will change and, to remain competitive and give low- and high-skilled workers the best chance of success, we need to offer career-focused education during the life span of an individual,” said Dr Cornuel.

Different forms of education

There are many challenges for business education, which has been impacted by global economic changes; inequalities are on the rise, middle classes have been shrinking, many countries are becoming protectionist and government funding for management education can no longer be taken for granted, explained Dr Cornuel.

Today, he said, different forms of education co-exist: classroom vs workplace; mass vs personal; structured vs unstructured. But all these often bind together in a blended form in business education, which can be “rightfully proud to be at the forefront of innovation”.

In the future, adaptable talent rather than capital will be the main factor for success, said Dr Cornuel.