22 Jan 2021 20:35 IST

Manipal Education and Medical Group launches online learning platform

UNext will offer industry relevant courses and e-degrees

UNext, an online learning organisation and subsidiary of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), has announced the launch of its operations to offer digital higher education solutions for learners across India. A press release said that UNext will focus on programmes catering to the higher education ecosystem by delivering online degrees, professional e-learning courses, and digital assessments with best-in-class content and technology stack.

Quoting S Vaitheeswaran, Group CEO of MEMG, it said that now learners anywhere can access online degrees, industry relevant e-learning courses, and gain new skills and knowledge needed to become competent individuals and professionals to succeed in the world today. UNext will be one of a kind edu-tech platforms to offer online degrees and programmes, coupled with digital assessments, he said.

Parternships galore

UNext works with deemed universities, institutes of eminence, reputed academia and industry leaders to create innovative education solutions with industry relevant curriculum, skill-focused development programmes, and scientifically designed academic evaluation options.

Quoting Ambrish Sinha, Chief Executive Officer of UNext, it said: “Our deep understanding of the education ecosystem coupled with a strong technology stack and quality content will enable learners anywhere to greatly benefit from our online degree programmes. Our focus is building on a strong platform that makes learning in a digital world easy, seamless and on the go. We truly want to replicate the offline learning environment in an online world. And UNext is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to do just that.”

The release said that UNext allows an immersive learning experience through a mobile-first LMS platform, access to world class faculty lectures, new age pedagogy, online quizzes and assessments, access to a wide alumni network, and expert assistance and career counselling to boost students’ career opportunities. UNext will offer specially curated courses through partnerships with organisations such as Manipal University Jaipur, IIM Indore, FutureSkills, NASSCOM and HackerU, it said.