28 Jul 2021 17:30 IST

MDI Gurgaon welcomes a new PGP batch

The new batch consists of students from diverse academic backgrounds

MDI Gurgaon inaugurated a new batch of Post-graduate Programmes (PGP) students. The batch comprised of students from 28th Batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), 18th Batch of PGDM - Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM), and 16th Batch of PGDM - International Business (PGDM-IB-MiM).

The institute will begin its virtual academic session for the new batches from August 2, 2021. This new batch has a mix of students from diverse educational backgrounds and includes both freshers and working pros.

Interdisciplinary education

Delivering the welcome address to the incoming students, Prof Jyotsna Bhatnagar, Dean - Graduate Programmes and Student Affairs; Chairperson - PGDM-HRM, MDI Gurgaon,said: “The institute upholds an exemplified approach to holistic education and believes not only in enhancing the growth of students on the academic parameters but also help them develop a 360-degree perspective. Self-management, empathy and digital capabilities are required in contemporary times. MDI aims to nurture the latent talent of an individual to make them industry-ready.”

Prof Rajesh Chakrabarti, Director, MDI Gurgaon said, “Management education like other disciplines is not a single discipline. It’s a collection of various disciplines. So all the learning you will experience will be interdisciplinary. Regardless of your academic background, you will find something new. A business degree is also about teaching a trade at the end of the day. We spend two years, not to cram academic knowledge into your minds, but to prepare you for challenges that come after you step out of India. Emphasis on optimism, digital capability, experiential learning is needed the most.”

Importance of networking

Anuj Kadyan, Partner - McKinsey & Company said, “No matter which path you choose for yourself, find a purpose for yourself. Do not lose the opportunity to make a choice and take your own course. Meet new people, explore new topics, raise your hand to participate and lead. Take the opportunity to push your boundaries and to strengthen your leadership skills.”

Prashant Saran, Chief Operating Officer, Amazon Mena, UAE said,“The most valuable takeaway from an MBA is the network that you will build with your peers, teachers, seniors, and industry pros. It is all about people and I would encourage you to seek people experiences that help you build your network which help you to go through those share experiences that you can cherish for life.”

Holistic learning

Emphasising the importance of lifelong learning, Naresh Sethi, Chairman, VST Industries, London said, “Do not define yourself with your job. You have not been placed on this planet to increase the profits of big corporations. Try to become a successful human being. Progress comes not from blind 'followership' but sincere, humble inquisitiveness. Seek out mentors and learn from them. Be playful in life.”

The inauguration came to an end with the last session delivered by Gautam Gode, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Samara Capital. While sharing his experiences with the batch, he said, “ These two years will be a stepping stone in your careers. You're not here just to learn technical skills. You're here to learn something beyond that.”

The virtual induction ceremony is a six-day programme, which has engaging sessions by industry experts and faculty of MDI Gurgaon.