19 Aug 2015 20:19 IST

Valuable internship experience at Deloitte

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Gained useful insights into power sector finances

Over the summer, I interned with Deloitte India, in the power sector consulting division. My domain was consulting. My project was on ranking the States in India based on their performance in the power sector.

The project had a time-line of eight weeks. The first two weeks were spent on secondary research, while the next two were spent tabulating those numbers. The rest of the time was spent on Excel modelling. The work culture was relaxed, and there wasn’t a lot of pressure on me. My team was very helpful and I could approach them with the smallest of questions.

My overall experience was quite good. I learnt a lot of Excel and also about the power sector. I gained valuable insights into the various aspects of the country’s power sector, and especially the finances.

This internship helped greatly in giving me a real taste of what areas I would want to focus on in the second year of my MBA and what kind of a job I would actually be suited to.

The lack of adequate information online in my area of work was the biggest challenge I faced. Other than that, the lack of skills in knowing how to use Excel was a lacuna that I was able to overcome. The most memorable incident for me was when my mentor complimented me with the comment “Good work”. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

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