18 Apr 2018 19:20 IST

Pursue a career in what you're passionate about: Sudhakar Rao

The Director-Branding, ICFAI Group, was speaking at Career Utsav

“It is important that you don’t get into the wrong profession. Not only will you do things half-heartedly, but you will also not grow as a person. So choose your passion, what you love to do. Get out of your comfort zone and work hard towards honing your skills,” said Prof Sudhakar Rao, Director-Branding, ICFAI Group, while delivering the keynote address at the inaugural event at Career Utsav Xpress, an educational event organised by K2 Learning Resources (India) Pvt Ltd.

“Clarity of thought is essential. Whether it's engineering, medicine or architecture, the only thing that is important is to see if you have the opportunity to grow in that field. If you can become a confident, compassionate person, we can create good citizens,” he added.

Prof Rao further said, “Prepare yourself to be competent and face the competition in your career. Your competency will train you to meet the challenges you might encounter in the days to come. It is not important how many marks you obtain, it is important to leave a mark on at least one individual. Reflection, compassion, problem solving and inclusivity are some of the most sought-after traits that characterise the gen next."

He opined that parents and teachers need to collectively shape the students into responsible citizens. The purpose of life is not to be happy but to make a difference.

The two-day event brought more than 3,000 students, their families, renowned academicians and teaching staff on a common platform. Over 20 institutions and 10 universities participated, showcasing their niche courses and specialisations.

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